GUI release notes

Changes in 8.1.4 (2023-09-28)
  • Create new job dialog: a table of waiting and running jobs is now shown in the Scheduling tab. This makes it easier to specify job dependencies. One can now just check the job to depend on instead of having to remember its job ID.
  • Project: the expanded/collapsed states of the analyses in the project tree is now remembered and now reset when new analyses are added.
  • Added option to visualize plane defined by *OUTPUT_SECTION.
  • When creating new simulation on multi-GPU machines, it is now possible to include GPUs in WDDM mode when selecting GPU with most memory, highest performance or fewest running processes.
  • Fixed crash in GPU monitor when swithing between compute nodes.
  • Solve: when re-running simulations, the used GPU # shown in the Solve and Project windows could be wrong.
  • Project: when clicking on the Queries group folder and then Copy to all, queries could be added as duplicates to other analyses instead of updating the existing queries. This is now fixed.
  • Project: added buttons for removing all queries in an entire project from the project item.
  • CFD: added support for temperature contour plot attribute.
  • Plot: set text color to black when exporting plots to image in dark mode.
  • Shell to solid: fixed duplicated element ids when converting multiple layers of triangles to pentas.
  • Terminal ballistics template: added support for ceramics tiles target plate.
  • Selected elements: added Properties button to show the total mass and volume of the selected elements.
  • SPH: added functionality to visualize SPH surface as a mesh. The default visualization mode for SPH is now changed to surface mode.
  • Solve: if you have multiple compute nodes, it is now possible to specify 'Least recently used compute node' when starting a new job. That way new jobs will automatically be distributed among the available compute nodes.
  • It is now possible in File->Options to configure how the list of recently opened models on the Welcome page behaves. You can specify if models should be added to the list or not. And you can quickly hide/show the entire list by toggling a checkbox. This can be useful if you want to hide your models before a demonstration, but without deleting the entire list.
  • The horizontal scrollbar used to hide the last row in tables and treeviews. This includes the jobs list in Solve and the item tree in Assemble, Project and Post. This has now been fixed.
  • Terminal ballistics template: fixed bug in fixed boundary conditions in multiple plates analysis.
  • Node set: added operation to replace the nodes in the node set with the currently selected nodes. Also fixed a bug when adding nodes to the node set.
  • Added options to set object store locations in the impsrvctrl command line tool. This makes it possible to set the object store on compute nodes without GUI or server.
Changes in 8.1.2 (2023-08-02)
  • Project: when saving an input file in the project editor, any newly included files will now automatically be added to the project tree.
  • Centos: added a couple of missing dependencies that prevented the GUI from starting in newer distros like Rocky Linux 8.8.
Changes in 8.1.1 (2023-07-21)
  • Project: fixed crash when clicking on an included state .bin file.
  • Assemble: In the copy selected nodes dialog, the option to copy attribute values has been removed as it does not apply in Assemble mode.
  • Post: added functionality to export particles to ASCII/txt files in File->Export.
  • When a contour plot attribute has equal minimum and maximum values, the contour plot could previously get random colors in the range. This is now fixed, and the color will always be the minimum color in the legend.
  • Fixed critical bug that could cause the compute node service to use excessive amounts of memory, spawn lots of impsysinfo.exe processes and make the system slow and unstable.
Changes in 8.1.0 (2023-06-16)
  • Plot: it is now possible to change the x-, and y-axis labels for individual curves.
  • Metal calibration template: fixed bug when cloning analyses.
  • Fragmentation: Added support for exporting fragments as a single element with the same orientation and mass as the original fragment.
  • Parametric template analysis: it is now possible to import objects in the custom commands editor.
  • Query library: added buttons for importing and exporting the query library to file so that it can be transferred to other computers.
  • impconvert: added optional tolerance to merge duplicated nodes.
  • Contour plot: added option to create new contour plot attributes by calculating the difference between every frame and a reference frame. This can be used to see how an attribute changes from the initial state, for instance.
  • Added functionality to select nodes that are shared with blanked elements. This is available from the Select tab from the 'Blank interface' button.
  • Improved sensor functionality. CFD sensors now move if the lagrange flag is set. It is now possible to show any attribute in the sensor*.out file as a label next to the sensor in the 3D window. The attribute value(s) update with time. It is also now possible to render the path the sensor travels over time.
  • Export fragments mesh: added option to use node sets when exporting *INITIAL_VELOCITY. This makes it possible to avoid giving each fragment a different part ID.
  • Added support for SPH sensors. Similar functionality as CFD sensors.
  • Assemble: added support for evaluating 'rnd' in parameter expressions.
  • Added support for limiting the number of concurrent jobs per user. The option is set in the server info dialog. This makes it possible to specify that each user of IMPETUS can have a maximum number of running jobs at the same time.
  • Fixed bug when using a different port for the server other than the default 8860.
  • Project: added functionality to reorder analyses and queries. Right click an analysis or query and select Move Up/Move Down to reposition it. Or, more efficiently, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+UP arrow or CTRL+DOWN arrow.
  • Added support for dark mode of the GUI. To activate, go to File->Options->Appearance and change the theme.
  • Project: fixed bug that could cause application crash when using 'Copy to all' or 'Copy to some' for copying queries to an analysis that already had some other queries.
Changes in 8.0.1 (2023-03-15)
  • GPU monitor now reads the GPU monitor on the server and not only the local machine. If multiple compute nodes are available, you can select which node to monitor.
  • GPU monitor is now available from the start simulation dialog. This can be useful when deciding which GPU and possibly which compute node to start the simulation on.
  • Post: fixed bug in contour plot of particle data. If limiting the particle count, the attribute value of some particles could be 0.0 and not it's correct value.
Changes in 8.0.0 (2023-02-27)
  • VAA: Added button to export the VAA summary table to Excel (.xlsx) or CSV format.
  • Added support for *GEOMETRY_ELLIPSOID in the GUI.
  • VAA: Improved EPC plot. Added top view of vehicle (model) as background of the polar plot. This makes it easier to see how the angles correspond with the vehicle.
  • VAA: fixed bug that could cause some models to fail to open. They would fail with the error message 'Exception caught: bad allocation'.
  • Plot: added button for exporting plot to Excel. The curve data in the current plot can not be directly exported to Excel .xlsx files.
  • Assemble: added support for visualizing *GEOMETRY_PIPE with an open angle.
  • Fixed crash in Engine when using projectile objects with the *OBJECT command.
  • Added support for visualizing CFD models.
  • The faces affected by *GEOMETRY_SEED_COORDINATE and *GEOMETRY_SEED_NODE were not shown in Post. This has now been fixed.
  • Added button to reset window state in Configure in Post/Assemble. This can be used if for some reason any of the sub-windows disappear. Clicking this button and restarting the GUI will restore the sub-windows to their default sizes.
  • Assemble: when using the mirror flag in *INCLUDE, the included mesh was rendered incorrectly. The inner faces were shown instead of the outer faces. This has now been fixed.
  • Post: the faces affected by *GEOMETRY_SEED_NODE and *GEOMETRY_SEED_COORDINATE were not shown. This has now been fixed.
  • Select elements: a button has been added to easily blank the selected elements.
  • Trajectory calculation: it is now possible to specify a custom center of gravity and impact angle as input to the calculation. The fragments will be transformed accordingly before the trajectories are calculated.
  • Selected nodes/elements: fixed grow from selection.
  • Parametric template analysis: added option to turn off automatic updates. This makes it possible to make manual modifications to the model without risking the changes to be overwritten by the template.
  • Fixed face set visualization, it used to be rendered completely black.
  • VAA: when generating video to individual PNG files, all images were saved to the same file. This has now been fixed, each angle will be saved in separate files.
  • VAA: Added possibility to change the font size used in the EPC plot. This ca now be set both in the VAA window in Post and in the VAA query.
  • Project: it is now possible to delete input files by right clicking the file and then 'Remove'.
  • Project: flags were not remembered when re-opening a project.
  • gSPH: It is now possible to set transparency and render algorithm for each part individually.
  • Solve: in some cases the headers in the jobs table were blank. This has been fixed.
  • Fragmentation: added option to plot number of fragments vs the angle between the velocity vector and the forward direction. This makes it easy to see the fragment distribution along the warhead axis.
  • Video query: fixed bug when setting format to Animated Gif of Sequence of PNG images.
  • Import color map: A save file dialog was opened instead of an open file dialog.
  • VAA query: the user specified color map was not used in the generated images.
  • Assemble/Post: The font used in text labels in the background grid can now be changed.
  • Solve: Improved import job to jobs list. It is now easier to import a previously run job to the jobs list. Available from File->Import in Solve. This indirectly makes it easy to resume a job that is not listed in the jobs list.
  • Post: Coordinate system ID label were not removed properly when the coordinate system was disabled.
Changes in 7.2.0 (2023-01-03)
  • Contour plot: changed the way the attribute range is controlled. It is now more flexible to set the min/max attribute range. Set blog post for details.
  • Contour plot: changed the way attribute value can be mapped to opacity/transparency. See blog post for details.
  • Fixed bug that caused cloning of analyses not to work properly.
  • When generating parametric template objects, files can now be flagged as not to be overwritten during object extraction. This makes it possible to embed files that will be extracted on first use, but then be user modifiable as they will not be overwritten the next time the input files are updated by the template.
  • Project/template: existing .k input files are no longer deleted when 'update input files' is run. This makes it possible to have user defined .k files in a template analysis without it being deleted everytime something changes in the template input.
  • Contour plot: changed the way color maps are set. Set blog post for details.
  • Terminal ballistics template: Added option to change target plate element size.
Changes in 7.1.1 (2022-11-30)
  • Fixed bug in local coordinate system in the special case where the local y-axis was set to be aligned with the z-axis.
  • A change in Project caused some analysis names to be lost. Instead, all analyses were assigned the name 'Analysis'. This has now been fixed, but unfortunately the old analysis names cannot be restored.
  • When creating generic or template objects, the list of parameters is now updated when checking validity. It is no longer necessary to switch to the parameters tab to update them.
  • Generic and template objects: files that are included multiple times are no longer duplicated in the object.
  • Parametric template: excluded files in template objects are now not written when extracting commands. Previously excluded files were written as empty files, causing the template to fail.
Changes in 7.1.0 (2022-11-25)
  • Fixed problem with blanking in models with multiple discrete particle parts. The wrong particles could be removed.
  • Fixed trace selected nodes. The trace lines were not visible in previous versions.
  • It could be really slow to open large mesh files in the Editor. The reason for this was that the syntax highlighting takes a long time on big files. To avoid this, the syntax highlighting will be disabled for files bigger than 100 KB. This behavior can be changed in the Options dialog available from the File menu.
  • Manual selection dialog: added support for manually selecting all kinds for particles. Prefix for selecting particles is 'R'.
  • Plot: improved support for importing CSV files. One can now import CSV files with different delimiters and any number of columns. Column headers can be extracted. A more sophisticated dialog lets you specify how the CSV file should be parsed in order to extract the correct curve data.
  • Project: it is now possible to use different types of analyses in the same project. Projects are no longer tied to a specific analysis type. So for instance, a project can contain both generic IMPETUS analyses and template analyses.
  • Assemble: if modifying and saving a .k file that contained ~repeat, the commands between ~repeat and ~end_repeat were duplicated as many times as the loop variable. This has now been fixed.
  • Terminal ballistics: it is now allowed to specify no target plates in the multi-plate analysis. This will make it more convenient if the target is to be replaced with a custom target anyway.
Changes in 7.0.12 (2022-11-10)
  • Fragment trajectory calculation: extended functionality for drag coefficients. The drag coefficients are now shown in a table as well as a 2D plot. It is also possible to add multiple sets of drag coefficients and easily select which to use.
  • Fragment trajectory calculation: improved the termination criteria for when to stop following a fragment. Termination criteria are kinetic energy, velocity, mass, time and distance traveled. The reason a fragment was stopped is also shown in the trajectory window after the calculation.
  • Trajectory visualization: added options to visualize trajectory path and fragments as dotted lines and dots. This makes them easier to see at large distances, as the dots are rendered in fixed size on screen.
  • Market: Fixed problem downloading objects.
  • Editor: when pressing the TAB key, 4 spaces are now inserted instead of a tab character.
  • Export fragment data: added option to just export visible fragments.
  • Project: fixed missing parameters in create multiple analyses dialog.
  • Trajectory targets: hits table can now be sorted by clicking column headers.
  • Fixed problem with OpenGL software driver. Activating the software driver is now done in File->Options in the GUI. The IMPETUS Afea Remote tool is no longer needed and is removed. You should uninstall the previous version before installing the new version to clean up the obsolete files.
  • Project: Resume simulation button was always grayed out. It should now be clickable for analyses that can be resumed.
  • Trajectory targets: Several improvements in the hits page. When copying the data, a header can optionally be added with the column names. If some rows are selected, the corresponding hit coordinates are highlighted in the 3D window by rendering them larger. And when copying, if any rows are selected only the selected hit points are copied. Otherwise all hit points are copied.
  • Metal calibration: added support for refining the specimen mesh.
  • Generic object: added option to exclude specific included files. This can be useful to specify that a certain file must be defined by the user outside the object.
Changes in 7.0.11 (2022-10-18)
  • Version 7.0.10 unfortunately introduced a bug, causing the Engine to fail on some material objects. This has now been fixed.
Changes in 7.0.10 (2022-10-17)
  • Create generic/parametric object: Fixed problem with loading complex models where files are included in multiple levels and in different folders.
  • Fixed bug when converting quadratic tetra elements to linear or cubic.
  • Introduced a new Python API. This API exposes some of the functionality in the GUI to Python programmers. Documentation and examples are found in the gui\python_api folder where the software is installed. A shortcut to the documentation is also found in File->Help in the GUI. In this first release, focus has been to expose functionality to read .imp files and to communicate with the server to start or stop jobs.
  • Added Python API example A command line tool for starting a new simulation using the Python API.
  • Added Python API example A command line tool for fetching all running jobs from the server and print the details to the command line.
  • Added Python API example A command line tool for terminating all running simulations on the server.
  • Added Python API example A command line tool to export data from .imp files to ASCII files. Node IDs, node coordinates and any number of user defined contour plot attributes can be exported.
  • Added Python API example A command line tool to export Gamma SPH data from .imp files to ASCII files. Particle IDs, part IDs, particle coordinates and any number of contour plot attributes can be exported.
  • Added Python API example A command line tool for computing the radial velocity of every node relative to a dynamic axis defined by two nodes. The result is stored in an .iat attribute file that is automatically recognized by the GUI, so that the calculated attribute is available in contour plot. This example shows how users can calculate their own contour plot data.
  • VAA: Added support for mapping VAA damage plot as points on the 3D mesh. This enables a completely different view, where the damage points are highlighted directly on the geometry instead of as a 2D image in front of the geometry. The mapped points can be probed in the same way as for the 2D map.
  • Terminal ballistics/Projectile objects: A bug caused incorrect mass of some projectile objects. The bug affected projectiles where several parts used the same material object, but should use different density parameter. It includes at least projectile 7.62x54 mm B-32 API. The bug was in the code that extracts the object commands, not in the object itself. So objects does not have to be downloaded again, just run Update input files on existing terminal ballistics projects to update. New projects will not be affected.
  • Project: Replaced copy/paste query operations with a clone operation. Clone query will duplicate an existing query in the same analysis and give the new query a unique ID. The previous copy/paste operations used the same IDs, causing various problems.
  • Project: Added a query library. It is now easy to add queries that you want to reuse to a stand-alone queries library. You can organize the queries into groups. Then in new projects or analyses, you can easily insert individual queries or entire groups of queries from the library.
  • A change was introduced in version 7.0.7 that caused older Engine version to not work with *MAT_LIBRARY, *MAT_OBJECT and *OBJECT commands. This change has now been reverted so that it is again possible to use older Engine versions.
  • Fragmentation: fixed incorrect rendering in multi-step particle SPH models.
  • Diagnostics: added check for multiple IMPETUS entries in the Windows list of installed applications. A bug in the tool used to create the installer causes IMPETUS to be listed again every time the installer is run. Now the Diagnostics tool in the GUI can be used to clean up the App & features list in Windows.
  • Fragments - export data: Added option to export fragments from all parts, visible parts only or manually specified part IDs.
  • Fixed problem with video generation. A bug in version 7.0.9 made it impossible to generated MP4 videos. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed problem of manual window showing no content on some computers, seemingly only machines with Intel graphics hardware.
  • Added options for changing the default OpenGL context creation settings, available from Home->Options. The defaults are usually fine, but on some systems the options must be changed in order to get the 3D windows and/or the manual window to show content properly.
  • Fixed problem in performance benchmark.
  • Post: fixed problem of reading correct position and size of *GEOMETRY_SPHERE from
  • Assemble: Added Save As button so that changes to a model can be saved to a new file. This can be used to reduce the risk of destroying your input file if the GUI is not able to reconstruct the commands perfectly.
  • Parametric template: Fixed support for command files in virtual folder hierarchies in the parametric template object. When extracting the object commands in a parametric template project, the files are now extracted into the correct folders.
  • Fixed job queue issue on Linux. The 10th concurrent job would always fail, making it impossible to add additional jobs to wait in the queue.
Changes in 7.0.7 (2022-08-12)
  • VAA: probe line end points are now shown in probe table.
  • VAA: added copy button to copy probe line data to system clipboard.
  • VAA: probe line hit points are now shown again. Bug in previous versions caused it not to be read.
  • VAA: probe line did not match damage plot if distance changed.
  • VAA: Line of fire through each material will be shown on probe line.
  • Trajectory: Allow rotation of rectangle and sector targets by 0.1 degrees. Previously it was limited to 1 degree resolution.
  • Fixed geometry seed coordinate visualization bug.
  • Fixed bug in export of selected elements. When exporting data from all frames, some fields were not be included in the exported files.
  • Significantly improved loading time of .k files.
  • The warning of license about to expire is now shown only once when the GUI starts if it is less than 30 days to expiry. It used to be shown annoyingly often.
  • On some Linux machines with software graphics drivers, the 3D graphics in Post and Assemble were completely missing. This has now been resolved.
  • Blank by attribute: it is now possible to specify if the blanking should be evaluated every state or if it should be fixed to the blanking in the current state.
Changes in 7.0.5 (2022-06-20)
  • Project: Added dialog to create multiple analyses from an existing analysis. The parameters from the existing analysis is read. In the dialog, multiple new values can be given to each parameter. The combination of all specified parameter values will define the set of generated analyses.
  • Added functionality to modify running job. You can now delete elements, parts or particles, modify values of *TIME, *OUTPUT, *FREQUENCY_CUTOFF and *VELOCITY_CAP and activate or deactivate *PETRIFY interactively on a running job.
  • Initial velocity direction can now be visualized with an arrow. Added support for rotating initial velocity direction in Assemble.
  • Fixed bug in terminal ballistics project. Incorrect spin center of rotation calculated when pitch or yaw != 0.
  • Fixed problem in installer. If a non-default installation folder was specified, the software would still install in the default folder.
  • Added new relative color map, called 'Fire'.
  • Post: the animation controls sometimes disappeared when switching between Post and other views (Solve, Editor, etc.). This has now been fixed.
  • Post: follow node functionality did not work correctly if displacement scale factor were != 1.0.
  • Fixed parsing issue of Ansys CDB files.
  • Fixed visualization bug where some transparent particles would be visible even if they are blocked by opaque finite elements.
  • Compress files dialog accidentally deleted files after compressing them.
Changes in 7.0.4 (2022-05-09)
  • Plot: The set and add folder(s) buttons in Ananlyses expected file selection and not folder selection. This has now been fixed.
  • Plot: the function curve has been extended to support generic expressions. It no longer needs to reference other source curves.
  • FFT curve: Added option to select between two sided spectrum and single sided spectrum.
  • Added Backup files dialog. This is very similar to the Compress files dialog that was extended in the previous version, only that is copies the selected files to another folder instead of compressing them into a .zip file. This can be useful to make backups of selected simulation files.
  • Added missing .dll dependencies that caused the GUI to not start on some systems.
  • Fixed bug in Help window.
Changes in 7.0.3 (2022-04-29)
  • When creating and editing generic objects, it is now possible to right click in the files list to rename, add new files and remove files. This makes it possible to make larger modifications directly in the object itself.
  • Assemble: added functionality to convert hexa and penta elements to tetra elements.
  • Added: added functionality to convert *COMPONENT commands to *NODE and *ELEMENT commands.
  • General improvements to mesh manipulation operations. It is now easier to control which parts of the model should be affected by the operation.
  • Particle detonation point text label was not removed when the particle detonation point was turned off.
  • Improved dialog for compressing selected files (input files, project files, output files, etc.) to .zip files. The compress option is now available in the Tools tab in Project, Editor, Assemble, Solve, Post and Plot.
  • Improved Clean-up dialog for deleting selected files (input files, project files, output files, etc.) in a folder hierarchy. The clean-up option is now available in the Tools tab in Project, Editor, Assemble, Solve, Post and Plot.
  • Fixed problem in Find in Files function in Editor. All files were not always checked.
  • Fixed parsing problem in Model Overview dialog. All files were not always found.
  • Added support for Fourier transform (FFT) to Plot.
  • Fixed bug that prevented polar plots to open in Plot.
  • Post: Moved animation controls to lower left corner of window. It is no longer overlaid the 3D window.
Changes in 7.0.2 (2022-03-30)
  • Added missing files that caused problems with the editor in GUI 7.0.1.
  • Fixed crash in the configure dialog in Post and Assemble.
  • Improved support for inserting mesh objects.
Changes in 7.0.1 (2022-03-28)
  • VAA: Added possibility to show multiple or all frames simultaneously. Even possible to add probes when multiple frames are shown at the same time.
  • Fixed references to *EOS_JWL, so this command can now be used in material objects.
  • Fixed element lines visible across region with refined elements. The element lines were visible in the first state and after blanking.
  • Added option 'movable by dragging' to overlays. This is enabled by default, but can be disabled if one wants to avoid the overlays changing background color on mouse hover. They will not be draggable when this option is disabled. This option is available by clicking Overlays in the item tree.
  • Fixed remove free nodes in Assemble.
  • Restore hidden line removal setting when loading the grid settings from .xml file.
  • Restore state: Added option to restore clipping planes.
  • Added fragmentation support for *PARTICLE_SPH.
  • Video query: added support for individual PNG images as output format.
  • Video and image queries: added support for reflection.
Changes in 7.0.0 (2022-03-07)
  • Added symmetry parameter to *OBJECT command of projectile objects. This can be used to select between full, half and quarter mesh.
  • Assemble: Fixed automatic scaling of mesh used in *OBJECT if model unit system is different than object unit system.
  • Trajectory analysis: Fixed bug in export to trajectory_X.out. The trajectories could be cut of before all data had been written out.
  • Added inspect object dialog. Available by right clicking an *OBJECT command in the editor, or right clicking the object in Assemble or Object windows. The inspect dialog can be used to see the IDs of nodes, elements, parts and materials in the object. It will also show a list of all the commands used in the object. This will be useful when using objects in your model.
  • Small update to metal calibration template.
  • Backwards compatibility: Unfortunately, due to some major changes in the code, the backwards compatibility is broken. Engine version 6 can no longer be used together with GUI version 7 when using the *OBJECT or *MAT_OBJECT commands.
  • Post: Added option to plot part extent. This lets you plot the size of a part in x-, y- or z-direction or the minimum/maximum x-, y- or z- coordinate of the part versus time. This can be useful if you want to see how a part compresses, expands or moves. Particularly useful if elements are eroding, making it impractical to follow nodes or elements. Available by right-clicking a part.
Changes in 6.3.3 (2022-02-22)
  • Plot: the order of curves does not matter anymore. Previously, curves that depend on other curves had to be listed after their dependencies, otherwise an error was reported.
  • VAA: Fixed problem with overlay accuracy if many angles and elevations were calculated.
  • Added option to disable automatic update of input files in terminal ballistics template. This is useful if you make manual modifications after the initial setup that you don't want to be overwritten.
  • VAA: Added option to put a clipping plane along a probe line. Also added buttons for setting the camera view direction normal to the probe line. These steps will make it easy to investigate the different materials hit along the probe line.
  • Clipping planes: Part colors and contour plot can now be put over elements that are clipped by the clipping plane. This is done by sampling a regular grid on the clipping plane and storing the result in a texture that is rendered on top of the clipped geometry. As this operation takes some time, the user can adjust the grid resolution to balance quality vs performance. The user can also decide if this should be done automatically or just when clicking a button.
  • Added new step 3 to metal calibration template. Step 3 can be used to test the calibration generated in steps 1 and 2.
  • Editor: Added button to lock the manual to the current page even if the cursor moves to another command.
  • VAA: Added a summary table in the Vulnerable area item. It lists all azimuths and angles with corresponding EPC, total area, protected and unprotected area.
Changes in 6.3.2 (2022-01-27)
  • VAA: Added support for displaying a list of all layers of material intersected by a hit point. This is shown in the tooltip when moving the mouse cursor over the VAA overlay. The material ID, thickness and hit angle of each material layer is shown.
  • Added possibility to sort columns in the jobs table in the Solve window. Sorting is done by clicking the column header.
  • The PowerPoint report template was not included correctly in 6.3.1. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed gSPH vector attribute blanking (velocity, coordinate).
  • Fixed problem using projectile objects with the *OBJECT command.
  • Added support for using IPv6 protocol in communication between server and client.
  • Assemble: When inserting an object with *OBJECT, the parts in the object are now listed as sub-items to the object in the item tree. This makes it easy to detect which parts are active and reference them in other commands.
  • Assemble/Post: The right side window that opens when you click Select, Blank, Contour Plot, etc. can now be made floatable, that means it can float on top of the 3D window instead of on the side of it. This can be useful if you want to avoid modifying the 3D window aspect ratio when using these operations. Double click the window title bar to toggle floating mode on or off.
Changes in 6.3.1 (2022-01-19)
  • Added support for generating videos of fragment trajectory results. If at least one trajectory item is on when generating a video, special options will be available to include the trajectory states after or instead of the simulation states.
  • Trajectory: Added button for copying trajectory data to clipboard.
  • Made plot and plot queries more robust. Problematic .out files could cause crashes.
  • Fixed information about eroded elements. Added button to plot number of eroded elements vs. time. Available in the 'Eroded elements' item in the 'Special nodes/elements' folder in the item tree.
  • gSPH: It is now possible to blank by one or more attributes and contour plot with a different attribute.
  • Added support for visualizing rebar element lines.
  • Added support for generating PowerPoint reports from projects. The report can be customized by creating your own template. See separate blog post for more details.
  • Added new diagnostic check to test dongle.
  • Improved error reporting in Plot and plot queries if some files are missing or other problems.
Changes in 6.3.0 (2021-12-10)
  • Plot: added support for polar plots. va.out can now be plotted in the same way as ordinary .out files.
  • Fixed crash in shell-to-solid tool.
  • Added buttons for zooming in dialogs for creating screenshots and videos.
  • VAA: Moved EPC plot into separate viewport to that it does not cover the 3D model. The EPC plot and the 3D model are now shown side-by-side.
  • Editor: Added option to add and remove comments to selected lines in addition to toggling. Available by right clicking in the editor or by shortcuts CTRL+SHIFT+1 and CTRL+SHIFT+2.
  • Copy selected nodes to clipboard in same order as in the table.
  • Project: Include existing analysis dialog - check all button will no longer check existing analyses.
  • Solve: Added 'Force state' button. This will let you set the job state to a specific value. This button can be used in error recovery, for instance if the computer reboots while jobs are running and the job state is incorrect when the server restarts.
  • Fixed filtering of fragments in Fragment Plot.
  • VAA: created VAA query type in Project. The query will generate an image for every angle of the VAA analysis.
  • VAA report: Added option to generate a PowerPoint report from the VAA query result. One slide will be added for every angle in the VAA analysis. Each slide will show the screenshot, EPC plot, angles and EPC value and a table with the area fraction above specified damage level.
  • Fixed bug in handling parameters to objects in Engine.
  • Updated software OpenGL driver to the latest version. This driver implements most of the OpenGL functionality used, so now the graphics is much better with software rendering. Curved elements are now supported, for instance. However, software rendering is still much slower than hardware rendering.
Changes in 6.2.4 (2021-11-10)
  • Merge analysis: various improvements, made it optional to include tolerance explicitly.
  • VAA: Colors were completely transparent if damage was less than 0.01. This threshold has now been modified to 1e-5.
  • Export selected nodes to ascii file in the sort order of the table.
  • Import LS-Dyna keyword: added support for *SET_NODE_LIST_TITLE.
  • Assemble: fixed bug in *INCLUDE with a transform. The view of the geometry was not always as expected, in particular if the transformation included a scaling.
Changes in 6.2.3 (2021-11-05)
  • Added options for setting rotation point to model center or global origin in addition to picking on the 3D model.
  • Follow plane: The pivot point can now be set to the mid-point of 2- or 3 nodes.
  • Plot: Updated the quantity on the y-axis after a curve has been integrated or differentiated.
  • Clipping planes: increased resolution of sliders, allowing more fine grained control over the position of the clipping planes.
  • Project: Added Refresh button to analysis. It will restore the list of command files if it has been lost. It will also detect new included files.
  • Project: Added button for selecting main command file. This makes it possible to change the main command file in an analysis.
  • The settings for the model info overlay in the top left corner are now stored globally for all models and not individually for each model. So when you make changes to which fields to show, the same fields are shown on all other models as well.
  • Added new query to export fragment data. Fragment data can be exported to IMPETUS .out format or Split-X .pit format.
  • Improved and fixed some problems in automatic merge analysis tool.
Changes in 6.2.2 (2021-10-15)
  • Added functionality to export gSPH particles.
  • Added functionality to export particles for all states. Works for both discrete particles and gSPH.
  • Resume simulation button is now grayed out if no impetus_databaseX.bin file is found.
  • Plot: fixed problem with CFC filter curves.
  • Assemble/Post: improvements made to the background grid functionality. It is now easier to control the exact extent for the grid.
  • Assemble: table entries can be used in command titles.
  • Plot: fixed unit system conversion issue of node history plots.
  • Rebar: fixed visualization problem. Some rebar elements were not visible in some states.
Changes in 6.2.0 (2021-09-16)
  • When parsing .k files, comments at the end of a line are now correctly ignored.
  • Access to Impetus MARKET has now been integrated into the GUI. You can now log in, browse and download objects directly from the GUI. The downloaded objects will easily imported into your local object store for use in your models. Note that the GUI requires Internet access for this to work.
Changes in 6.1.8 (2021-09-08)
  • Objects in the GUI now have the same view as on Impetus MARKET.
  • impstart: new argument --engine-path to specify path to custom version Engine executable.
  • Curves without any quantity on the Y-axis were incorrectly labeled with Time on the Y-axis. This is now fixed.
  • Python files imported by other Python files are now detected when creating new generic and template objects.
  • Optional titles of PARTICLE_HE, PARTICLE_SOIL and PARTICLE_AIR are now shown in the item tree in Post.
  • Parametric template projects now has a built-in editor for custom commands.
  • Fixed rebar visualization problem.
  • Fixed reading of compressed .imp files.
  • Added support for showing bounding box for individual gSPH parts.
  • Fixed parsing of expressions inside [] brackets in .k files. Expressions that did not contain any variables, such as [0.123+0.1], were evaluated to 0.0. They are now evaluated correctly.
  • Added command line tool 'impcmd'. This tool can be used to send commands to running jobs, such as estimating time remaining, terminating and killing the job.
  • Added support for visualizing *LOAD_UNDEX.
  • Removed materials library. The same materials and more are found as objects in Impetus MARKET.
  • An update has been made on the metal calibration template.
  • Mouse cursor now ignores hidden overlays.
  • Assemble: Fixed bug that caused the mesh to disappear when changing part ID of selected elements.
  • VAA: Extended functionality to probe the vulnerability by moving the cursor over the VAA contour plot.
  • Fixed visualization problem of rebar elements. In some cases the rebars were distorted.
  • Assemble/Post: fixed hide part function.
  • Fragment trajectory calculation: it is now possible to disable fragment spin and drag force.
  • Trajectory: improved target intersection accuracy
  • Trajectory: it is not possible to copy target hit points to clipboard.
  • Solve: Added another option for selecting which GPU to run a job on. For compute nodes with multiple GPUs, selecting the least recently used GPU only considered GPUs in TCC mode, if any. Now a new option has been added that lets you select the least recently used GPU among all GPUs on the system.
  • Added button to export all particles to ascii file. Available by clicking on the Operations tab in the Particles or Particle item in the left side tree structure.
  • Added support for all quantities supported by *PARAMETER.
  • Improved support for units in parametric templates.
  • impstart: Added options to print job output to stdout and to listen for commands like 'clock', 'terminate' and 'kill'. These options are only relevant if the wait option is set.
Changes in 6.1.6 (2021-06-17)
  • VAA: It is now possible to click on the VAA window to get permanent tracers with corresponding text boxes. Clicking multple times will generate multiple tracers. Clear tracers by clicking 'Clear lines'.
  • VAA: Added legend to EPC plot when multiple curves are shown.
  • Editor: Syntax highlighting and auto-completion now works even for indented commands.
  • Added support for visualizing *GEOMETRY_PART.
  • Fixed problem with transparent parts or particles becoming white in some cases.
  • It is now possible to create material object from *MAT_REBAR.
  • Changes to object store are now automatically copied to the server service. This should avoid most problems where the Engine fails due to missing object store locations. Note that the automatic copy is only done when working on the server machine. Changes on remote clients will not affect the server object store.
  • Fixed a problem in evaluating repeat loop variables in expressions in Assemble.
Changes in 6.1.5 (2021-06-10)
  • Fixed problem when using a mesh object in *OBJECT.
  • If legend is turned off, it will no longer be automatically turned on when changing state.
  • Fragment trajectory calculation was wrong in some unit systems. This has now been fixed and it should work correctly in all unit systems.
  • Improvements to trajectory calculation. Added functionality to evaluate trajectory hits on virtual target geometries as spheres, cylindrical sectors and rectangles.
  • Vulnerable area assessment: Added support for user defined range in the legend.
  • Markdown editor: added a check-able button to auto-scroll the preview to the bottom when editing.
  • Improvements to video and image queries
  • Added support for exporting mesh to MSC Nastran .bdf file.
  • Coordinate axes - the X, Y and Z labels are now always facing the camera. This makes it easier to see the axis names.
  • Added support for shell elements in MSC Nastran .bdf exporter.
  • Fixed user defined axis range in plot queries.
  • GEOMETRY_PIPE: Implemented support for visualizing as a truncated cone when R3 and R4 are defined.
  • VAA: Added slider to optionally drag the VAA window closer to the geometry.
  • Added an option to colorize front and back faces in red and blue respectively. Useful to check the face orientation of shell elements.
  • Added a 'Sort by ID' checkbox to the select by ID dialog. If one needs to select nodes in a particular order the checkbox can be unchecked to avoid sorting.
  • Fragmentation toolkit: Added support for multiple bursts in trajectory calculation.
  • Fixed bug when exporting a single object to an object bundle file.
  • Fixed contour plot of particles.
  • It is now possible to right click on a material and select 'Show only', 'Show all except this', etc. to filter the parts that use the given material.
  • Fixed bug when exporting the mesh of a complex model with deep part hierarchies where some parts are hidden.
  • VAA: Fixed contour plot.
Changes in 6.1.2 (2021-04-13)
  • Fixed output sensor positions in Post.
  • The black line and visible element faces between elements that have been refined and element that have not have now been removed. Note that this change requires the new Engine, so it will not apply to previously run simulations.
  • Added basic support for string parameters. String parameters can only be used in command titles. Complex expressions or logical operations with string parameters is not supported.
  • Fixed problem when blanking particles that sometimes caused wrong particles to be blanked.
  • Fixed exporting multiple crossed curves to .out or .csv format. The curves are now correctly interpolated if they don't have matching x-values.
  • Fixed Engine parsing problem on computers with a locale that uses comma as decimal separator.
  • Plot: fixed current time highlight if plot contains multiple crossed curves with different x-axes.
  • Added support for a data overlay. The data values of any curves in plot are extracted at the current time step and shown in a table laid over the 3D model.
  • The overlay functionality has been significantly improved. See blog post for more details.
  • Particle selection: fixed select all particles and select by dragging a rectangle.
  • Fixed crash when creating objects with profiles.
  • Fixed problem where projectile object could not be loaded when opening existing ballistics projects by double clicking the project file.
  • Apply path mapping when starting multiple simulations in Project.
  • Fixed plotting of selected particles.
  • Fixed view cube on high-dpi monitors.
  • Editor: added context sensitive auto-completion of some command arguments that have predefined options. For instance the available unit systems in *UNIT_SYSTEM and the explosive types in *PARTICLE_HE.
  • Added support for units and unit conversion in Plot.
  • Fixed visualization problem on node splitting.
  • Fixed 'Post process in new window' functionality in Solve.
  • Improved template object functionality.
  • Improved parameterized template projects.
  • Vulnerable area assessment: Added a line from the inspection point to the hit point on the model.
  • Vulnerable area assessment: Added a VAA deficit attribute. It shows the amount of armor missing for stopping the projectile.
  • Fragmentation toolkit: Added functionality to export fragments to mesh after a trajectory calculation.
  • Fragmentation toolkit: Linear kinetic energy has been added as a selection criteria in the Select fragments dialog.
Changes in 6.0.6 (2021-02-11)
  • Added options to disable auto-generating .xml colors.json file when opening a model in Assemble or Post. Options can be set in the Configure dialog.
  • Added support for parsing and evaluating logical or and logical and operators in conditionals when reading IMPETUS command files.
  • Fixed problem starting multiple simulations at once in Project mode.
  • Fixed some prolems with generic objects.
  • Fixed position of *COMPONENT_BOLT in Assemble.
  • impconvert: Added options to change polynomial order of specified parts or elements and to merge duplicated nodes.
  • Handle job dependencies correctly when starting multiple simulations in Project.
  • Fixed remove output files and remove restart files buttons in project window.
  • Added dialog for editing object parameters in Assemble.
  • Allow connecting to remote server without disabling local compute node service.
  • Fixed bug in job scheduling. If a job was waiting for its dependency to finish, other jobs without dependencies would also wait.
  • Fixed problem with displacement vector plots.
  • Fixed editor freezing when commenting last line in a .k file.
  • Added support for visualizing *INITIAL_MATERIAL_DIRECTION_PATH.
  • Added support for interactively defining *PATH commands. Points can be added to the path by clicking on the 3D model.
  • Fixed problem connecting to a remote server even if local compute node is running.
  • Solved problem involving multiple dependencies among analyses in a project.
Changes in 6.0.3 (2021-01-22)
  • Fixed missing reference to *EOS_ in *MAT_JC and *MAT_FLUID. This caused problems creating material objects with these commands.
  • The list commands dialog in the Editor now also lists control commands starting with ~ (~if, ~end_if, ~convert_from_SI, etc.)
  • Improved support for importing and converting LS-DYNA meshes.
  • Added a command line tool 'impconvert' for converting mesh files to IMPETUS mesh format.
  • Changed units for thickness reduction from length to percent in contour plot.
  • Fixed problem in grid text labels.
  • Added option to show damage in percent (0-100) in addition to fractions (0-1).
  • Trajectory: added functionality to export trajectory data to .out or .csv file. The user can choose to export the entire time series or just the last time step.
  • Project: In the Start simulations dialog new buttons have been added to quickly set dependencies between analyses.
  • Added option to show effective plastic strain in percent or per mille in addition to fractions.
  • Improved merge nodes functionality in Assemble.
  • Improvements and bug fixes in video query.
  • Restore state: Restore part opacity and other settings that were ignored previously.
  • Added support for custom resolution video generation.
  • Ignore nan values in .out files.
  • Assemble: added option to specify parts when changing polynomial order of elements.
  • Improved support for Abaqus meshes with assemblies.
  • Fixed blanking issue with GammaSPH.
  • It is now possible to run the server as a service on Linux.
  • Fixed problem with *COMPONENT_CYLINDER in Assemble.
  • Added support for selecting spot weld connectors.
  • Added a button to refresh the Engine list in the create job dialog.
  • Created new command line tool 'impstart' for starting new jobs on the command line. The job will be sent to the server and will become visible in the ordinary job queue.
  • Added support for multiple compute nodes connected to a single server. The server has now been split into two services, one service for handing license management and job scheduling and anther service for running jobs. When starting a new job, the user must now specify which node the job should run on. This makes it easy to scale the computational power across multiple computers. NB!! Please note that a version 6 GUI will not be able to communicate with a version 5 server or vice versa, so when updating to version 6 all computers should be updated at the same time.
  • Reload project automatically if it is changed outside instead of popping up a message box.
  • Fixed incorrect attribute unit conversion of selected element tool tip.
  • Added EPC polar plots to vulnerable area assessment.
  • Added support for *INCLUDE mirroring in Assemble.
  • Added more GPU selection options to the impstart command line tool.
  • impstart: Added option to wait until job is finished before exiting.
  • Added missing msvcp140_1.dll dependency.
  • Fixed crash when viewing some .vtf files in Post
  • Fixed problem with images and equations in manual, objects and other windows.
  • impstart: fixed bug that could cause a job to be submitted multiple times.
  • Start simulations dialog in Project: Added functionality to select Engine version and set termination criteria.
  • impstart: Added support for setting timeout.
  • Added support for vector plot of FE mesh. Can visualize node velocity and displacement. Enable by clicking on Parts or an individual part and set it up in the Vector plot tab.
  • Improvements in EPC plot for vulnerability models.
Changes in 5.3.16 (2020-10-12)
  • Changed rectangle selection behavior. Now rectangle selection of nodes, faces or elements will only select nodes, faces and elements on the surface facing the camera. The old behavior have been moved into volume selection.
  • Editor: added possibility to paste from Excel. Columns will be comma separated. If numbers in Excel use comma as decimal point, it will be replaced by a dot.
  • Added buttons to quickly change transparency of all parts. Shortcuts Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3.
  • Contour plot legend: showing the min/max values just below the attribute name is now optional. Can be set in the configure legend dialog.
  • Fixed bug that caused changes to be lost if the editor in Project mode was minimized and then restored.
  • Fixed bug that caused *GEOMETRY_SPHERE to have zero radius in Post.
  • Plot: fixed bug where node curves added to existing plot was not shown.
  • Added support for editing and creating custom color maps for use in contour plot. Two types of color maps are supported: relative and absolute. Relative color maps are the same as before. Absolute color maps specify an explicit range of values for each color. In addition it is possible to specify an opacity per color.
  • Multiple improvements in vulnerability area assessment post processing. Both damage and RHA thickness can be shown.
  • It is now possible to create videos from vulnerability area assessment analyses.
  • Fixed bug in ShellToSolid operation.
  • Fixed crash in plot query if plot contained curves from .csv files.
  • Vulnerable area assessment: shows damage and RHA thickness in a tooltip as mouse cursor is moved over the model.
  • Color maps: it is now possible to clone a relative color map to an absolute color map and vice versa. Available by right clicking the color map.
Changes in 5.3.13 (2020-09-17)
  • Added support for certain tetra elements in Abaqus .inp format.
  • Fixed contour plot update when range is manually changed.
  • Added option to enable data compression of .imp files when starting new simulations.
  • Assemble: Added functionality to remove free nodes from a mesh.
  • Assemble: Added functionality to convert between element polynomial orders.
  • Assemble: Added functionality to merge duplicated nodes in mesh.
  • Added functionality to change units shown in contour plot. The current unit is now shown in a second column in the contour plot attribute list. To change unit one can right click on the attribute or open the configure dialog.
  • Fixed crash when editing template object variants.
  • Improved export of fragment mesh and initial velocities.
  • Fixed particle blanking. Particle blanking was always done in Eulerian mode in previous versions.
  • Added trace visualization of selected nodes.
  • Fixed problem when blanking particles.
  • Plot: Added support for copying and pasting curves. Curve data can also be copied to and from Excel.
  • Objects: Added search field to objects window.
  • Improved image query and reduced processing time.
  • Reduced time to initialize and refresh object store.
Changes in 5.3.9 (2020-07-10)
  • Added possibility to reload current project.
  • Project: If an open project is modified by another GUI/user, a dialog opens and asks if the project should be reloaded.
  • Fixed bug that caused invalid contour plots.
Changes in 5.3.8 (2020-07-03)
  • Added support for calculating fragment trajectories from GammaSPH simulations.
  • Added files list to left side of editor window. One can choose whether to see the list of files in the file system or only open files.
  • Plot: added support to shift by first data value, i.e data[i] = data[i] - data[0]
  • Plot query: added support for exporting curves to ascii (.out or .csv).
  • Extended particle selection functionality. It is now possible to select particles by dragging a rectangle. Select all and invert selection is also supported. Added operations to export the selected particles to ASCII file or to copy them to the clipboard.
  • Plot: it is now possible to edit the source curve ids of curve operations.
  • Fragmentation: Added possibility to specify custom drag coefficients curve when calculating fragment trajectories.
  • Handle transform from *INCLUDE when visualizing binary state files.
  • Follow node: it is now possible to follow the midpoint between 2 or 3 nodes in addition to a single node.
  • Added preliminary support for reading Ansys Mechanical APDL .ans files. Only QTET elements supported for now.
  • Added support for showing free nodes.
Changes in 5.3.4 (2020-05-15)
  • Added support for visualizing the new *COORDINATE_SYSTEM command.
  • Fixed crash of IMPETUS server service on systems with multiple GPUs.
  • Fixed rendering rebars with software driver.
  • Fixed editing of fragment velocity scale factor.
  • Fixed visualization of fragment velocity arrows.
  • Fixed rendering problem when rendering transparent parts or particles to screenshot with transparent background.
Changes in 5.3.3 (2020-05-12)
  • Extended contour plot legend configurability. It is now possible to change number format, precision, size, number of text labels and more in the configure contour plot dialog.
  • Improved visualization of *PARTICLE_DETONATION.
  • Fixed bug in plotting in local coordinate systems.
  • Added support for running the server as a Windows Service instead of as an application. This makes it possible to run the server without keeping a user logged in at all times.
  • Contour plot legend settings is now stored in state .xml files and can be restored in Post and in image queries.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Added option in Configure Server dialog to connect to local server. This is useful in cases where multiple users log in to the IMPETUS server machine. One user is supposed to manage starting and stopping of the server, the others will just connect to the running server.
  • Fixed reporting of multiple GPUs used in jobs history.
Changes in 5.2.10 (2020-03-24)
  • A small fix in metal calibration project.
Changes in 5.2.9 (2020-03-20)
  • Fixed black commands manual when using software renderer.
  • Do not calculate bounding box from *COMPONENT_X as it ignores any mesh transformations.
Changes in 5.2.8 (2020-03-19)
  • Added support for additional calibers in projectile objects.
  • Added support for quadratic element types in Ansys .inp files.
  • Added support for importing 20-node QHEX elements from Nastran files.
  • Added support for visualizing the gSPH detonation point in Assemble.
  • Added support for importing quadratic pentahedra from Nastran mesh files.
  • Added support for LS-DYNA formattet ELEMENT_SOLID.
  • Fixed problem in rebar visualization.
  • Added support for writing object documentation in Markdown.
  • Fixed effective stress contour plot for discrete particles.
  • New functionality in fragmentation toolkit.
  • It is now possible to let the camera follow a particle.
  • Extended functionality in sectors.
  • Fixed some problems visualizing fiber directions.
Changes in 5.2.5 (2020-02-04)
  • Various improvements in fragmentation tool for Gamma-SPH.
  • Help: fixed a problem that prevented the help pages to show on some systems.
Changes in 5.2.4 (2020-01-27)
  • Fixed unit conversion problem in ATD injury assessment.
  • Added support for file names with comma in *INCLUDE.
  • Preliminary support for visualizing LOAD_AIR_BLAST (detonation point and reflective surfaces).
  • Terminal ballistics template: Fixed gap size for two-plate analysis with unit system != SI.
  • Plot: added operation to convert between unit systems.
  • Fixed crash when exporting fragments including oriented bounding boxes.
Changes in 5.2.3 (2020-01-21)
  • Fixed crash when closing plot.
  • Fixed crash when restarting an open simulation with an active plot.
  • Fixed bug in Abaqus .inp parser/converter that could cause duplicated node IDs.
  • Improvements in fragment selection.
Changes in 5.2.2 (2020-01-15)
  • It is now possible to open a material object from Editor by pressing 'F2' or right clicking and selecting Open object.
  • Metal calibration: Allow gauge length < 15mm.
  • Added support for visualizing node velocities in *INCLDUE_BINARY and in impetus_state_veloX.bin.
  • Fixed crash when visualizing output sensors.
Changes in 5.2.1 (2020-01-08)
  • Added support for folder/group hierarchies of *MERGE commands based on '/' in the title.
  • Fixed bug in terminal ballistics template: Calibrations of material objects referenced by projectile objects were not considered when generating projectile.k.
  • Improved functionality for parametric template objects and parametric template projects.
  • Easier export and import of multiple object (and license) files. A new Export object dialog has been added where objects to export can be selected. Dependencies are included automatically. Everything is bundled into a single file that can be distributed and imported.
  • Added support for picking particles. It is now possible to set rotation point and measure distance by clicking on particles.
  • Added support for selecting individual discrete particles and plotting their history variables.
  • Added support for selecting individual rebar elements and plotting their history variables.
  • Added support for selecting individual gamma SPH particles and plotting their history variables.
  • Fixed node/element history plot when some .imp files are missing.
  • Model overview: added new dialog that lists all files and commands in a model. Available in Editor and Project.
  • Improved communication protocol between impserver and the GUI. NB! It is necessary to update the server and clients at the same time!
  • Current time and frame is now updated as animation slider is dragged.
  • In the Start simulations dialog in Project it is now possible to detect and start all analyses that have input files modified after they were last run.
  • Plot: all open plots are no longer closed automatically when a new model is opened. If this behavior is unexpected or causes problems, let us know.
  • It is now possible to mark finished jobs as locked. Locked jobs cannot be re-run or deleted.
  • Fixed node history plot of element attribute values.
  • Plot: When plotting part.out and similar, the parts are organized in a tree structure if '/' is used in the part title as a separator
  • Fixed spring connector visualization.
  • Fixed SPR connector visualization.
Changes in 5.1.15 (2019-11-12)
  • Export mesh: fixed problem if some elements were blanked and blanking was inverted.
  • It is now possible to create mesh objects.
  • It is now possible to create projectile objects.
  • Fixed problem with Fragments tab not being shown in Post in some cases.
  • Handle *NODE with parametric coordinates when saving from Assemble. The original parametric expressions are now saved and not replaced by the numeric values.
  • Fixed crash if loading .imp files with more than 4000 states.
  • Fixed parsing of Abaqus .inp files where part names contains comma.
  • Fixed problem parsing mesh files with comments between lines.
  • Added support for visualizing trim lines defined by *TRIM command.
  • Added support for organizing output sensors in a folder hierarchy by using '/' in the sensor titles.
  • Fixed bug when using displacement scale factor != 1.
  • Improvements to metal calibration project, additional specimen types added.
  • Video generation can now be stopped and saved at any time, not only canceled and rejected.
  • Rendering should be more robust, fixed problems that could cause random crashes during visualization.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the 3D window to become black when switching windows.
  • Fixed bug in manually selected coordinates. The x-value always became 0.
  • Added support for showing a user defined title in the top left textbox in the 3D window.
  • Added support for showing a user defined title in the top left textbox in the 3D window.
  • Added support for internal notes and references in objects. These will not be visible to users that does not have access to the profile file. This makes it useful for adding internal documentation that is relevant to the object.
  • Improved support for HiDPI displays. The GUI is now behaving more correctly and is better looking on HiDPI monitors.
  • The view cube in the lower right corner did not work on HiDPI monitors with > 100% scaling. This is fixed now.
  • Minor bug fixes in terminal ballistics template.
  • Fixed problem that sometimes caused the Engine to fail with an error message 'Cannot mix incompatible Qt library...'
  • Fixed problem running models that use materials from the materials library.
  • Added check in Diagnostics to detect and fix the 'Cannot mix incompatible Qt library' error.
  • Faster video generation.
  • Minor updates in metal calibration project.
Changes in 5.1.8 (2019-09-23)
  • Added support for composite target plates in terminal ballistics template.
Changes in 5.1.6 (2019-09-12)
  • Assemble will now handle comments inside commands as well as commands after *END - the comments will be kept if a model is saved from Assemble.
  • Added buttons to highlight the nodes with min/max value when a contour plot is active.
  • Fixed plot query in metal calibration project.
  • Improved export of fragments to SPLIT-X.
  • Plot: it is now possible to disable automatic refresh of plot when curves change on disk.
  • Metal calibration project: it is now possible to run step 2 without generating a material object.
Changes in 5.1.5 (2019-09-06)
  • Fixed crash in welding tool.
  • Various bug fixes including bugs that caused crashes.
  • The 'Plot ascii' button in Post will now be directly redirected into the Plot window.
Changes in 5.1.4 (2019-08-21)
  • Fixed bug that could cause the GUI to crash when closing a model or when opening a new model.
  • Fixed problem with text in Assemble and Post.
Changes in 5.1.3 (2019-08-16)
  • Added support for evaluation the round() function in .k files in Assemble.
  • Added support for exporting multiple frames at once when exporting .imp files to other formats like .k or .stl.
  • Improved support for multiple folders in plot queries.
  • Fixed crash in terminal ballistics template if selected projectile object is missing.
Changes in 5.1.2 (2019-08-09)
  • Plot: it is now possible to import .plot files to the recent plots list.
  • Improved highlighting in editor/manual. The handling of optional titles has been improved.
  • Plot: it is now possible to move the current time highlighter in the Plot window.
  • Plot: it is now possible to change node ID and element ID of node/element history curves.
  • Introduced Options from the FILE menu. Here global options will be available for configuring the behavior of the GUI. For now, only a single option is added to select what should happen when you click on the icons on the left side-bar.
  • Added support for selecting elements by element type.
  • Output sensors are not transformed by local coordinate systems in Post.
  • Plot: it is now possible to reorder curves in curve list by right clicking and selecting 'Move up' or 'Move down'.
  • Improved support for importing Abaqus INP files.
  • Logging can now be enabled every time the GUI starts.
  • Introduced dialog to edit *CURVE values in Assemble. A plot is updated dynamically. Available by right clicking a Curve in the tree structure and selecting Edit, or clicking the Edit button in the curve window.
  • Plot: it is now possible to insert a curve from raw tabular data. A dialog will let the user type in the curve values.
  • Fixed evaluation of acos, acosr, asin, asinr, atan and atanr used in command files in Assemble.
  • Copy query to all - it is now possible to copy a query to all analyses in a project.
  • Plot queries now support multiple analyses in the same plot.
Changes in 5.1.0 (2019-06-20)
  • Added support for importing existing simulation to the Solve jobs list. Available from the FILE->Import menu.
  • Added a new template for calibrating metal materials from a product sheet or on experimental tensile test.
Changes in 5.0.15 (2019-06-11)
  • Added 3D grid to more easily see the dimensions and position of a model. The 3D grid can be customized in different ways.
  • Various small bug fixes.
  • Fixed user defined axis range in Plot.
  • Fixed problem plotting CSV files.
  • Fixed bug that could cause crashes in Plot.
  • Added support for variables in command titles.
  • Fixed bug that could cause crashes when visualizing *MERGE nodes.
Changes in 5.0.12 (2019-05-08)
  • Plot: added min and max operations to calculate new curves with min/max of selected curves.
  • Restore state will now also restore camera projection.
  • In the Configure dialog it is now possible to specify initial camera view. Current options are Z-up or Y-up.
Changes in 5.0.11 (2019-05-07)
  • Terminal ballistics template: It is now possible to specify any number of plates as the target. Special handling of Dyneema plates, where the user can specify the number of layers. Merge and initial material directions is specified automatically according to best practice.
Changes in 5.0.10 (2019-05-02)
  • Fixed bug in welding tool that could cause the GUI to crash when manipulating welds.
  • Fixed a problem with parsing Nastran files.
  • Added support for importing external meshes in STL format in both Assemble and Post mode.
  • Extended context menu of Simulation item in Project mode.
  • Fixed problem where mesh could be incorrectly clipped when using Follow Node/Plane.
  • Added support for importing CSV files to plot.
  • Added supports for hierarchy of rigid connectors by using '/' in the rigid connector title.
  • The 'GPU Used' field in Solve was not always set. This is now fixed.
  • Improved support for multiple folders in Plot.
  • Fixed connection problems between GUI and server if proxy servers are used.
  • Added new concrete material to materials library.
  • Fixed problem when plotting curves with 0 values in logarithmic scale.
  • Fonts used in plot are now saved automatically when adjusted in the plot properties window.
  • Plot queries have been improved and are now compatible with the Plot window. Plot queries can be created from the current plot and can also be opened in Plot mode.
  • Fixed video generation on Linux.
  • Animation control slider did not update state when released after dragging.
  • Added support for Python scripts. Python files referenced in *SCRIPT_PYTHON can be opened in the editor by pressing F2 or right clicking the file name. Simple syntax highlighting of Python code in the Editor.
  • Added support for opening and viewing SplitX .pit files.
  • Added support for GPU monitor on Linux.
  • Added support for subract, multiply, divide, average and norm operations of curves with different number of points in Plot.
  • Fixed zoom and panning in Plot.
  • Editor: ignore comments between *INCLUDE and file name when right clicking or pressing F2 to open the referenced file.
  • Added documentation on Project and Queries in Help.
  • Fixed incorrect visualization of *COMPONENT_REBAR in Assemble.
  • Added support for blanking SPH by contour plot attribute value.
  • Diagnostics: several improvements. Added button to automatically fix problems related to multiple versions.
  • Plot: do not reset custom zoom every time a new state is written during a running simulation.
  • Plot: it is now possible to specify if folder prefix should be shown in legend text or not.
  • Added more quality options when generating video.
Changes in 5.0.2 (2019-03-05)
  • Plot: it is now possible to save plot configurations. A list of recently used (saved) plots is shown and easily accessible.
  • Plot: The fonts used in a plot are now available and editable from the plot properties. The fonts are also saved and restored per plot configuration.
  • Fixed 'Automatically move to last state on new dump' in animation control.
  • Introduced support for material objects.
  • Added help page. Some initial documentation is available now, more will be added later.
  • Introduced terminal ballistics template. Available from New project button for customers with IMPETUS DEFENCE license.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the model to hang when dragging the animation slider.
  • Added support for gradient background when generating screenshots and videos.
  • Fixed crash when editing curve title in plot.
  • Added support for multiple versions of Solver Engine. The feature is documented under Help.
  • Added support for hierarchy of glue lines by using '/' in the glue line title.
  • Animation control could be visible over other windows than Post. This is now fixed.
  • Improved functionality for changing color.
  • Geometries now remember their user defined colors and on/off state.
  • Improved support for Abaqus .inp files.
  • Reduced time to load and parse .out files.
  • It is now possible to turn on/off the 'highlight time' in plot overlays from the Configure plot overlay dialog.
Changes in 4.8.1 (2019-01-17)
  • Eroded wrong SPH particles.
  • Fixed pause animation button in Post.
Changes in 4.8.0 (2019-01-14)
  • Improved handling of plot axis scales. Functionality moved to plot properties window. If user defined scale is selected, it is no longer automatically modified when curves are added or removed.
  • Added support for transforming stress and strain with a local cylindrical coordinate system. To do this, go to CONTOUR PLOT and click the Transform button.
  • Added support for streamline and pathline visualization of all particle types.
  • Particle visualization: Added option to specify stream line direction (forward or backward).
  • Fixed some bugs in SPH visualization.
  • Rigid parts are ignored in the contour plot range calculation. Previously the default value 0.0 was used for rigid parts, offsetting the valid range for some attributes.
  • Plot: Added 'Update colors' button in the View ribbon. Clicking this button will reassign the default colors to the enabled curves.
  • Plot: Fixed highlight time, it was not shown initially.
  • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio when opening models in parallel projection.
Changes in 4.7.2 (2018-11-29)
  • Support non-Latin characters in file path when generating videos.
  • More robust parsing of .k mesh files.
  • Support for crossing more than 2 curves in Plot.
  • Fixed transparency problem when reflecting models with particles.
  • In contour plot: improved the min/max plot and the View data functionality. Particles are now included in these operations.
  • Updated plot node path functionality.
Changes in 4.7.0 (2018-11-23)
  • Made visualization of symmetry planes more robust.
  • Added support for parsing multi-line LTET elements in keyword format.
  • Always update animation slider when dragged.
  • Fixed potential crash when plotting part.out.
  • Reimplemented 2D plot functionality.
Changes in 4.6.9 (2018-11-02)
  • Fixed potential crash.
Changes in 4.6.8 (2018-11-01)
  • The view (rotation) cube was not shown before GUI window was resized.
  • SolverGUI.exe did not close down properly when opening a file in Editor by double clicking.
Changes in 4.6.7 (2018-10-26)
  • Improved visualization of material directions.
  • Fixed potential crash when the .idx file is out of synch with the .imp files.
  • Fixed potential problems in Project mode.
  • Added plotting of dummy criteria.
  • Fixed crash in editor.
  • Fixed problem with resuming and re-running jobs when path mapping is used.
  • In the fragmentation analysis tool a button has been added to select fragments based on mass or velocity.
Changes in 4.6.4 (2018-10-08)
  • Fixed parsing issue in Abaqus .inp format.
  • Fixed parsing of LS-DYNA mesh with multi-line *ELEMENT_SOLID.
  • Support for POV-Ray added again.
  • Fixed parsing of Nastran files with quadratic tetra elements.
  • Fixed problem with wrong .k file being loaded if a folder contains multiple .k files.
  • Fixed potential crash when using Preview.
Changes in 4.6.2 (2018-09-04)
  • Improved stability when generating videos.
  • Added support for creating a sequence of PNG images when generating video.
  • Added button to reduce the number of points in curves in Plot window.
  • Fixed crash when turning surface normals off.
Changes in 4.6.1 (2018-08-28)
  • Fixed bug that could cause analyses in project to disappear.
  • Server connection is now available in all modes. Connection to server is made immediately as the GUI starts. NB! Both client and server must be updated!
  • Fixed bug related to path mapping that caused the Post process button in Solve to be deactivated.
  • Added support for *COMPONENT_BOX_IRREGULAR.
  • Fragment data can now be exported to Split-X .pit format.
  • Allow user to change camera field of view. New camera configure dialog available from the Projection options button in the ribbon.
  • New tungsten material in materials library.
  • Extended searching functionality in Editor. It is now possible to search through multiple files. By default included files and all opened files are searched.
  • Added ATD injury assessment calculation based on NATO STANDARD AEP-55 Volume 2.
Changes in 4.5.14 (2018-08-06)
  • Added support for reflecting particles.
  • Added support for resuming simulations with custom *TIME and *OUTPUT commands.
  • Make SPH particles opaque if opacity is 100%.
  • Image query now supports user defined range in contour plots.
  • Fixed bug that caused parameters to be erased in Assemble.
  • When double clicking a command file and then cancels the 'Import model' dialog, the GUI now exits instead of opening an empty window.
  • If a file opened in Editor is modified, the GUI will ask if it should be saved when going out of Editor mode.
  • Fixed parsing problem in Nastran importer.
  • Fixed problem in shell to solid conversion when using more than 50 layers.
Changes in 4.5.11 (2018-06-20)
  • Dyneema added to materials library.
Changes in 4.5.9 (2018-06-19)
  • Fixed changing the number of visualized particles.
  • Added support for adding and subtracting curves of different sizes. It is now also possible to view the data points of curves of different sizes.
  • Clipping planes are now handled properly when picking nodes, coordinates, elements, etc.
  • Fixed problem with opening Ceetron VTF files.
Changes in 4.5.7 (2018-05-30)
  • Dynamic alignment of 2D plot markers to make sure they are visible and readable.
  • Bundle some missing dependencies in the Centos version.
  • Keep user settings of the text box in the 3D window.
  • Keep user settings when exporting mesh to IMPETUS mesh format.
  • Some improvements in plot query.
  • Fixed 'show normals'
  • Fixed default installation folder in Linux installer.
Changes in 4.5.5 (2018-05-07)
  • Improved numeric stability of blanking tool.
Changes in 4.5.4 (2018-05-04)
  • Fixed problem with particles.
Changes in 4.5.3 (2018-05-03)
  • Minor bug fixes.
Changes in 4.5.2 (2018-04-26)
  • Fixed problem with impfig.
Changes in 4.5.1 (2018-04-25)
  • Added background to the 2D plot tracker to make it easier to read.
  • New, more dynamic welcome page. The recent files list is now based on folder instead of individual files. This way input and output files will be listed together and you can choose how to open the files in the folder.
  • Thumbnails now always have the same name and is shared between input and output files. They will be creased automatically the first time a model is loaded. Later it is possible to create thumbnails from the desired viewpoint by clicking the new Thumbnail button in Assemble/Post.
Changes in 4.5.0 (2018-04-08)
  • Improved visualization of merged nodes. Correctly handles failed merge nodes in Post.
  • Added average fragment velocity vs time plot to fragmentation analysis.
  • Improved image and video queries. Support blanking in state xml files.
  • Preview: Added option to not output discrete particles. This can save a significant amount of time if it takes long to initialize particles.
  • Updated and improved selections functionality to behave the same way as blanking and measuring.
Changes in 4.4.6 (2018-03-06)
  • Improved GPU detection on Linux
  • Added optional termination criterial to jobs in Solve. It is now possible to set a timeout limit or maximum energy balance error when starting a new job. The job will then terminate automatically if the execution time exceed the timeout limit or the energy balance error exceeds the tolerance.
  • Added filter to clipping planes. It is now possible to select if the clipping planes should clip finite elements, discrete particles and other visual items.
  • Fixed stability issues
Changes in 4.4.4 (2018-02-15)
  • Fixed crash when creating screenshots/videos and plot overlay.
Changes in 4.4.3 (2018-02-15)
  • Fixed normal distance calculation.
  • In some cases when a model was being modified in both Assemble and Editor, saving in Assemble could cause recent modifications in Editor to be lost. This is now fixed as the Assemble will detect if the model changes.
  • Links to the software download page, the IMPETUS web page and more now available from File->Help menu.
  • Improved support for BC_SYMMETRY in both Assemble and Post. Symmetry planes can be visualized and manipulated.
Changes in 4.4.2 (2018-02-08)
  • Fixed instability when generating videos.
Changes in 4.4.1 (2018-02-03)
  • Fixed CFC filtering algorithm and improved the filtering dialog.
  • Fragmentation analysis now organizes fragments by parts.
Changes in 4.4.0 (2018-01-31)
  • Solve: Added a more flexible way of starting multi-GPU jobs.
  • Added 'Visible elements only' option to select element and select node dialog in contour plot. This option will exclude hidden/blanked elements from the search.
  • Added support for capped clipping planes.
  • Added support for letting the camera follow a plane defined by a set of nodes. Also improved the follow single node functionality.
Changes in 4.3.10 (2018-01-03)
  • Solve: fixed problem with job dependencies.
  • Solve: added a new 'Start next job' button. Can be used to refresh the job scheduler if jobs are waiting but not starting when expected.
Changes in 4.3.9 (2017-12-22)
  • Improved parsing of Ansys .inp files.
  • Fixed visualization artifact that could cause some parts to be rendered over others.
Changes in 4.3.7 (2017-12-18)
  • Fixed pentahedron visualization bug.
Changes in 4.3.6 (2017-12-18)
  • Fixed displacement scaling and moved it to the VIEW page in the ribbon menu.
  • Fixed part rectangle selection.
  • Fixed 'show face normals' functionality.
Changes in 4.3.5 (2017-12-04)
  • Fixed problem with view cube rotation.
Changes in 4.3.4 (2017-11-30)
  • Fixed several bugs that could cause the GUI to be unstable.
Changes in 4.3.0 (2017-10-15)
  • Only parts that contain elements are shown in the object tree in Post.
  • Fixed bug in plot overlay
  • New bolt 10.9 material in materials library
  • Fixed bug in plot that could result in a 'bad allocation' error.
  • Improved text rendering in 3D window
  • Improved support for measuring. Functionality moved to separate ribbon page. Added support for showing bounding boxes.
Changes in 4.2.11 (2017-09-29)
  • If a part is renamed in Assemble and the title contains '/', part groups are updated automatically.
  • Support for renaming parts groups.
  • If a component is edited in Assemble, the mesh is automatically updated.
  • Added support for assigning colors to parts based on the assigned material. To change the settings, click on Parts in the object tree and select the desired option from the part color combobox.
  • Added support for assigning random colors to parts and materials. Available from the Parts and Materials item in the object tree.
Changes in 4.2.8 (2017-09-12)
  • Fixed problem with SPH contour plot range adjustments.
  • Fixed SPH blanking.
  • Press CTRL to rotate/pan/zoom when another action is active (like when selecting nodes or elements, measuring, blanking, etc.)
Changes in 4.2.7 (2017-09-07)
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when loading certain .imp files.
Changes in 4.2.6 (2017-09-06)
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash when converting a model to IMPETUS command format.
Changes in 4.2.5 (2017-09-01)
  • Improved transparency rendering
  • Updated and improved support for spring connectors.
  • Improved visualization of transparent objects.
  • Curve title is now shown when plotting a curve from the object tree.
  • Sensors: It is now possible to disable the text labels on sensors.
  • Visualization of curved higher order elements. Is now used as default on supported hardware (requires OpenGL 4.0)
  • Added support for importing Abaqus C1D2 element type.
  • It is now possible to specify unit system from Assemble -> Insert.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the GUI to freeze when loading certain models.
  • Added concrete material to materials library.
Changes in (2017-05-30)
  • Added support for showing face normals
Changes in (2017-05-29)
  • Blank: added support for blanking elements having attribute values within a user defined range.
  • Added support for *MAT_FABRIC
Changes in (2017-05-28)
  • Support for visualizing *CONNECTOR_SPR
  • Fixed near plane clipping of geometry with parallel projection.
Changes in (2017-05-23)
  • Fixed crash when resuming simulation and modifying termination time.
  • Fixed problem with invisible faces shared between different parts.
  • FLD: automatically update when toggling visible parts or blanking elements.
Changes in (2017-05-22)
  • Added support for CFC filters in plot window and plot query.
Changes in (2017-05-19)
  • Solve: host name on current computer is now always 'localhost'. This prevents problems with some firewall settings.
  • Support for generating animated GIF videos. Animated GIFs have lower quality than MP4, but integrates better into PowerPoint presentations, the Web and social media.
  • Video: It is now possible to define different frame rates when creating videos. Lower frame rates make the animation run slower.
  • Added support for reflecting FE mesh.
Changes in (2017-05-15)
  • Save all modified files in editor before executing an action.
Changes in (2017-05-15)
  • Added animation speed control to prevent animations going too fast. Can be adjusted from the animation control options dialog.
  • Fixed problem with video generation.
  • Improved rubberband zoom.
Changes in (2017-05-11)
  • Improved *SET_FACE functionality.
  • Fixed problem with aspect ratio
Changes in (2017-05-10)
  • Several bugs and stability issues fixed.
Changes in (2017-04-26)
  • Completely new visualization implementation.
  • Support for visualizing *CONNECTOR_GLUE_LINE
  • Support for visualizing *CONNECTOR_SPOT_WELD
  • Import *CONNECTOR_GLUE_LINE from STEP files
  • Import *CONNECTOR_SPOT_WELD from STEP files.
  • Fragmentation analysis: added information about part(s) for each fragment.
  • Fragmentation analysis: possible to filter by part ID(s) when plotting
  • Fragmentation analysis: export fragments to ascii files
  • Fixed problem with transparency in screenshots.
  • Fixed problem that could cause impserver to crash.
  • Added support for selecting between different shading algorithms. For now it is possible to select between Gooch, Phong and flat shadig. Available from the View ribbon page.
  • Fixed problem with materials library.
  • New materials in materials library.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed some problems related to SPH visualization.
Changes in (2017-02-28)
  • Added button to zoom to selected nodes, elements, parts, faces and coordinates.
  • Ascii plot: If only one folder is active, the list is collapsed to a single line, allowing more space to the other lists.
  • Added support for converting LS-DYNA *SET_NODE_LIST keyword to *SET_NODE command.
  • When selecting the least recently used GPU, ordinary graphics cards should not be used if there is one or more GPUs with TCC support.
  • Post: do not list parts in the object tree that have no elements.
Changes in (2017-02-07)
  • Fixed problem opening models in Assemble mode.
Changes in (2017-02-06)
  • Fixed bug in Solve window that could cause the wrong job to be affected when clicking a button (for instance re-run job).
  • Fixed a problem related to loading .imp files while simulations are running.
Changes in (2017-02-03)
  • Added support for new *ADD_MASS command.
  • Extended support for fragment analysis. A list of the fragments in the current state is shown. It is possible to click on a fragment in the list to see the mass, velocity, center of gravity and spin. The fragment itself will also be highlighted in the 3D window. It is also possible to identify fragments by picking in the 3D window. Selected fragments can be exported to either IMPETUS Keyword or STL format.
  • Materials in library now available in PDF.
  • New materials added to library.
Changes in (2016-12-13)
  • Solve: changed layout so that the jobs list will be visible on low resolutions.
  • Post: Added a button to toggle the visibility of the contour plot attributes list.
  • Plot: Constant curves were not plotted.
  • Blanking is no longer restored when loading a model. If blanking should be kept when reloading a model, it can be turned on in the Configure dialog.
  • Contour plot legend: The min/max values are shown even if the user narrows the range using the slider.
  • Plot: for stress/strain curves, the plot is zoomed in to the x=[0,1] range
  • Two new materials have been added to the materials library: a rubber and Armox 500T.
  • Solve: it is now possible to manually customize files when resuming a simulation.
  • Solve: Fixed but that caused the wrong dump file to be selected when resuming a simulation.
  • Post: It is now possible to specify a start and end state for the animation control.
  • Project: Various bug fixes.
Changes in (2016-11-17)
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when generating surface strain.
Changes in (2016-11-15)
  • Replaced menubars and toolbars with the more modern ribbons. Commands are now more structured and organized.
  • Tungsten added to the materials library.
  • Fixed bug in node history plot. The bug was relevant for models with multiple element types.
  • 2D plot legend is now scaled to the same width as the curve when saved as image.
  • The preview tool has been updated to support the latest commands.
  • Solve: Performance benchmark functionality added. A set of standard tests can be run and the performance is monitored and saved. The performance can later be compared with other systems.
  • Contour plot functionality is moved to ribbon bar.
  • Solve: improved resume functionality. It is now possible to increase the termination time as well as make custom modifications to a finished simulation and resume it.
  • Solve: quick access to filters. It is now possible do define custom filters and add them as tabs above the jobs list. By default two filters are definedd: All jobs and Running jobs.
  • Plot ascii: Fixed bug that truncated loading of part.out with very many parts.
  • Contour plot offset: It is now possible to define up to 4 reference nodes and not just 1 as before.
Changes in (2016-09-13)
  • rebars: fixed bug that could cause a crash when highlighting a rebar part.
Changes in (2016-09-12)
  • It is now possible to create a part hierarchy from the command file. Use '/' as a group separator in the part title to create a hierarchy. For instance, the part title "House/door" will create a part named 'door' inside a group called 'House'. The depth of the hierarchy is unlimited.
  • impserver: Added option to modify the maximum number of concurrent network connections the server will handle.
Changes in (2016-09-09)
  • Fixed artifacts when visualizing output sensors.
  • More robust visualization of rebars.
Changes in (2016-09-06)
  • Fixed bug in impserver.
Changes in (2016-09-06)
  • FLD: Added filter that ignores all invisible elements from the FLD analysis (hidden parts, blanked elements, eroded elements). This filter is now the default.
  • Improved support for running the GUI remotely over Remote Desktop, Ceetrix and similar. A new utility program has been added that launches the GUI in the correct way when run remotely. A link to the utility is available on the desktop, called IMPETUS Remote. The utility will switch between the default hardware accelerated OpenGL driver and a custom software based driver.
  • Support for ~if and ~repeat in Assemble mode. Command files using these control commands are now correctly loaded and visualized.
  • Plot query: More functionality for generating complex plots, including highlighting specific points on a curve.
  • Fixed bug that could cause impserver.exe to crash.
  • Added support for new *PARTICLE commands. Particles are visualized in both Post and Assemble.
Changes in (2016-08-08)
  • Solve: Added button to remove the output files of the selected job. The operation is also available by right-clicking on a job.
Changes in (2016-08-05)
  • Installer: added list of changes in Engine and GUI
  • Installer: it is now possible to complete an update even if solver.exe or solvergui.exe is running.
  • Solve: Fixed bug that caused jobs to remain in Running state even if the job finished or was terminated.
  • Fragmentation analysis: Fixed bug that caused a crash if no files were selected.
  • The release history of Engine and GUI is now available from the Help menu.
  • Fixed bug that could cause impserver.exe to crash.